Our Values

Our values are really important to us as a charity.

We are a humanist organisation, which means we operate in accordance with the values stated in the Amsterdam Declaration. We believe in the humanist vision of life, based on reason, empathy and universal solidarity.

The families we support are among the poorest in Kampala, and lack access to the most basic health care. As a humanist organisation, we strongly believe health is a human right, and this is the driving force behind everything we do.

Uganda is a highly religious, majority-Christian country and it is difficult for individuals to openly express non-religious views. Our organisation does not proselytise, and we work to give children access to the medication, equipment and other support they need, irrespective of their families’ religion or belief.

We promote our Humanism through our actions, by showing concern for our fellow human beings, and by helping patients to think critically and for themselves. In a country where many believe prayer or divine intervention is the only hope of recovering from ill-health, we are providing an empowering, science-based alternative.

If you have any questions about our values or work, please do contact us.