We have managed to refer two child Patients- namely Najjemba Passy and Namugga Immy both suffering from cardiac cases ( Complete AV canal defect) in this year 2018. The organization has been of great support to these children and their families. Patient privacy is highly respected.

We visit families to check on the status or progress  of children whom we help on medical expenses

We comfort them, guide them on how to handle these vulnerable sick Children.

We take / give company to hospitals for medical check-ups and medical review of their children

We give training and counselling services to parents and children who suffer from mental health problems that more often result from stress and depression. In doing so our goal is to help them know how to manage depression and in some cases avoid or prevent suicide.

We provide a few medical equipment   like gloves, bandages, oxygen tubes, prescribed medicine to Patients whose medical condition require them but can’t afford to buy them when they are needed.